The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read

The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read (Selkokeskus) promotes communication, information and culture in easy-to-read Finnish. Our goal is to enhance the status of easy-to-read language and the language rights of its users in Finland. We offer instruction and guidance to anyone interested in easy-to-understand communication. The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read is part of the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, which is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health with proceeds from Veikkaus (national betting agency).

Download and print the brochure of the Finnish Centre for Easy to Read (pdf in Finnish)

Our newsletter providing updated information on easy-to-understand communication (in Finnish).

The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read

  • publishes the Selkosanomat easy-to-read newspaper in Finnish and its Swedish-language affiliate, LL-Bladet
  • realizes outreach projects
  • grants the SELKO symbol to easy-to-read publications
  • organizes training in easy-to-read language
  • produces easy-to-read text services
  • develops easy-to-read language and advances research on accessible communication
  • serves as a channel for collaboration and dissemination of information in the field.

Apart from its own staff, the Finnish Centre for Easy to Read has trained a number of experts in easy-to-read throughout Finland. The experts specialize in different areas of knowledge in the field of easy-to-read language. Many of them adapt general-language texts to easy-to-read language or offer training in easy-to-read language. The group includes, for example, teachers, journalists, researchers and authors who write in easy-to-read language.

Strategy for Easy to Read

The Strategy for Easy to Read guides activities around easy-to-understand communication in Finland. The Advisory Committee for Easy to Read has prepared the strategy for 2014–2018. Its aim is to provide guidelines for activities centered on easy-to-read language in Finland. The current strategy is being updated and the strategy for the next period will be published during 2018.

Strategy for Easy to Read 2014–2018, updated version 2016 (pdf in Finnish)
Easy-to-read version of the strategy for Easy to Read 2014 – 2018 (pdf in Finnish)