Research of Easy Finnish

Easy Finnish has been developed in Finland since the 1980s. In recent years, Easy Finnish has also gathered interest as a subject of academic research. For instance, Easy Finnish has become a subject of interest for Finnish language, special needs pedagogy, and information technology thesis writers. There are also dissertations and scientific articles on Easy Finnish.

New research is needed in order to develop Easy Language to an even better form of communication for those who need it. Research of Easy Language can be connected to, for example, the intelligibility of Easy Language, easy-to-read literature, structures of language or the cost effects of Easy Language.

Klaara Research Network

Klaara is a network for the cooperation of researchers of Easy Language and people interested in Easy Language. The network was established in 2018 to promote the research of Easy Language as well as the cooperation between researchers of Easy Language and operators, such as the Finnish Centre for Easy Language and LL-Center.

Thesis research papers related to Easy Finnish are listed on Klaara network’s website (in Finnish).