The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read offers services to anyone interested in easy-to-read language. We offer a diverse range of training on the subject, as well as guidance and consultation. We provide different text services for writers, illustrators, graphic designers and publishers working with easy-to-read texts in Finnish and Swedish. Ask about our services and prices

Information services

What would you like to know about easy-to-read language but haven’t got around to asking? Contact us and send us your question!
The information services of the Finnish Centre for Easy to Read offer information and guidance by email to anyone interested in easy-to-read language

Examples of things you may want to ask:

  • how to say something in easy-to-read Finnish
  • what kinds of things need to be considered when you are producing easy-to-read materials
  • what kind of a text and training service would serve the needs of your organization the best
  • what kind of easy-to-read literature is published in Finland
  • how does one apply for state funding for easy-to-read literature
  • some other question relating to easy-to-read finnish.

Text services

The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read offers a wide range of text services:

  • The SELKO symbol is granted free of charge by the Finnish Centre of Easy to Read to easy-to-read publications in Finnish and Swedish.
  • The text adaptation service can be useful when you have a text in Finnish or Swedish that you want to have adapted to easy-to-read Finnish. The adaptation services are payable services.
  • The text assessment service offers feedback to support the writing process when you are working with easy-to-read language. The assessment services are payable services.
  • The text testing service offers an opportunity to gain feedback on a text directly from the user groups. Testing is also a payable service.

Training services

The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read organizes training, lectures and seminars connected to easy-to-read language. The themes include, for example, writing in easy-to-read finnish, layout and illustration of easy-to-read publications, easy-to-understand speech and interaction. The training services are payable services.

Read more about our training services (in Finnish).