SELKO symbol

The SELKO symbol means that a publication meets with the criteria of Easy Language (Finnish or Swedish). In Finland, publications in Finnish and Swedish may apply for the SELKO symbol (the LÄTTLÄST symbol for materials in Swedish). The SELKO symbol is not granted for English language publications.

We grant permission to use the SELKO symbol in Easy Finnish brochures and journals and videos, and together with Papunet Web Services, to Easy Finnish websites. For Swedish Easy Language materials, the symbol is granted by the LL-Center.

In the case of easy-to-read literature in Finnish and in Swedish, the symbol is granted by the Working Group for Easy to Read Literature. Textbooks are also eligible for the symbol.

The symbol is free of charge. In order to obtain the symbol, publications have to meet with certain criteria pertaining to language, illustrations and layout. The decision does not involve revising the text or the layout or any other extensive assessments. If permission is not granted, the applicant can contact our assessment services.

Our Finnish page includes detailed information on how to apply for the SELKO symbol. If you need more information on the symbol, please send an e-mail to