Annual easy-to-understand award

The Vuoden selväsanainen Award is an annual award for good work in the field of accessible language.

The Advisory Committee for Easy Language grants the award to persons or organizations,

  • who have promoted easy-to-understand information or culture with their publications, programs or other activities
  • thereby increased the opportunities of groups with special needs (especially Easy Language user groups) to participate more fully in society and communities.

The award can be given to a private individual, a working group or an organisation (e.g. a state agency, a business, a medium).

Since 1996, the Advisory Committee for Easy Language has given out the award to recipients who have worked towards the advancement of communication for special needs groups. Starting from 2016, the practice was changed, and now the advisory committee gives out the award to achievement in Easy Language and the Institute for the Languages of Finland to achievement in clear administrative language, in alternate years.

A list of the award winners can be found on the Finnish-language pages of our website.