Advisory Committee for Easy Language

Activities in the field of easy language are guided and coordinated by the Advisory Committee for Easy Language, which has been operating since 2000. Representation on the committee includes public authorities and organizations, NGOs, universities, research centers and media who want to contribute to the steering and promotion of the status of easy language in society.

There are representatives from over 50 organizations on the advisory committee (period 2020–2021). A list of the representatives can be found on the Finnish-language pages of our website.

Tasks of the Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee for Easy Language

  • keeps abreast with developments in the field of easy language in Finland
  • makes initiatives aimed at improving the status of easy language in society and increasing the publication of easy language materials.
  • takes part in the dissemination and promotion of different easy language materials.

The work of the advisory committee aims to enhance the flow of information and prevent overlapping work in efforts to promote easy language. The committee is convened 3–4 times a year.

Study visits and events

The Advisory Committee for Easy Language carries out study visits in Finland or abroad. The visits are made to sites engaged in activities that are new or interesting in terms of easy language. The Finnish Centre for Easy Language prepares the programs of the visits. The background organization of the representatives decides about a representative’s participation and pays the costs.

The committee also takes part in organizing different events and seminars dealing with easy language. The representatives can attend them if they wish.